Outrageous Acts of Science


Each episode counts down 20 popular Internet videos and explains the science behind them.
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S8E10 - Masters of Disast..

A countdown of the most dangerous clips on the web; fearless people ..

S8E8 - Body Rockers

Counting down just how far the limits of the human body can be pushe..

S8E3 - Bragging Rights

Counting down highly skilled show-offs; people who claim their epic ..

S8E1 - Life Hackers

We're turning the spotlight on backyard inventors that are creating ..


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S6E9 - Don't Tell Mom

On this very special Mother's Day edition of Outrageous Acts of Scie..

S6E8 - Man vs. Animal

A countdown of the wildest animal videos on the Internet.

S6E7 - Garage Genuis

Searching the world's garages, backyards and basements to find home ..

S6E6 - Nailed It

The Internet's biggest stunts and builds; featuring skiing acrobatic..

S6E5 - Punked?

A countdown of Internet clips; revolutionary reversing; fish out of ..

S6E3 - Beast Mode

Putting the human body to the test; skill, strength and intelligence..

S6E2 - Wild Things

A quest to find crazy critters and weird natural events; kangaroos i..

S6E1 - Not Safe for Work

We’re counting down the most amazing – and dangerous – workpla..