Long Lost Family US


Hosts and adoptees Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner help reunite people with their biological families.

S5E6 - Secrets Are Better..

Lisa helps a woman locate her son hoping to heal the broken heart sh..

S5E3 - Waiting a Lifetime

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Chris helps a SWAT team leader and fo..

S5E2 -A Mysterious Disapp..

A young woman hopes Chris can help solve the thirty-year old mystery..

S5E1 -A Baby In A Shoe Box

Chris tackles the mystery of why a woman was left in a box hours aft..

S4E5 - 28 Foster Homes

Chris aids a woman's search for her father after she was shuffled th..

S4E4 -You Have Been Loved..

Lisa faces many challenges when she helps a woman locate her father ..

S4E2 - She Never Came Back

A Vietnam vet hopes Lisa can hep him make amends for the past by loc..

S3E5 - There’s More to ..

Two sisters confront their Puerto Rican birth father after a lifetim..

S3E4 - The Letters Just S..

A young man who received letters from his birth mother longs to know..

S3E3 - If I'd Only Known ..

A woman longs to meet her birth father, a man she credits for saving..

S3E2 - My First Chapter I..

A man who always longed for a sibling stumbles upon a shocking famil..

She Just Drove Off and Ne..

Lisa meets a woman who was left on a curb by her mother when she was..

S2E13 - We Don't Need Any..

Two brothers navigate a painful past and uncover an old mystery in t..

S2E12 - It's the Fulfillm..

A grandmother hopes to find peace by locating her granddaughter; a w..

S2E11 - Am I a Secret She..

Follow the touching stories of people who have suffered a lifetime o..

S2E10 - If You Bring Your..

A man seeking redemption from his troubled past longs to reunite wit..

S2E9 - Do I Call Him My S..

A woman looks for her brother, hoping to fulfill a promise she made ..

S2E7 - All The Leaves Fel..

A woman's world was shaken when she discovered she was adopted at 25..

S1E8 - Alone in a Crowded..

A long-awaited reunion helps a family heal from a tragedy; a woman l..


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S1E4 - I Should've Fought..

A mother searches for the child that her family never allowed her to..

S1E3 - Nobody Knew I Exis..

A couple worries about the fate of their son after all communication..


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