Greys Anatomy - Season 5


A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.
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S5E24 - Now or Never

Part two of a two-hour season finale. Izzie spends time with a fello..

S5E23 - Here's To The Fut..

In the first part of the two hour season finale, Izzie spends time w..

S5E22 - What A Difference..

It's Meredith and Derek's wedding day, but as the day progresses cou..

S5E21 - No Good At Saying..

As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding, several r..

S5E20 - Sweet Surrender

Amidst a series of intense treatments, Izzie throws herself into Der..

S5E19 - Elevator Love Let..

All eyes are on Derek as he is set to perform his first surgery afte..

S5E18 - Stand by Me

After his fellow surgeons try and fail to bring Derek back to work, ..

S5E17 - I Will Follow You..

After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died t..

S5E16 - An Honest Mistake

Derek's confidence is shaken like never before as he faces off with ..

S5E15 - Before and After

Addison, Naomi and Sam rush the ailing Archer to Seattle Grace and r..

S5E14 - Beat Your Heart Out

Now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect ..

S5E13 - Stairway to Heaven

Bailey grows desperate as a patient's condition becomes more and mor..

S5E12 - Sympathy For The ..

Derek's mother, Carolyn, makes a surprise visit to Seattle and meets..

S5E11 - Wish You Were Here

Bailey teams with Seattle Grace's new pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona..

S5E10 - All By Myself

Cristina is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents, but ..

S5E9 - In the Midnight Hour

Meredith, Cristina and Bailey come to Lexie and Sadie's rescue when ..

S5E8 - These Ties That Bind

One of Meredith's oldest friends, Sadie, becomes an intern at Seattl..

S5E7 - Rise Up

The Chief announces to the residents that a solo surgery will be awa..

S5E6 - Life During Wartime

To help Bailey become the best general surgeon at Seattle Grace, the..

S5E5 - There's No 'I' In ..

Bailey heads up a "domino procedure," in which each surgery hinges o..

S5E4 - Brave New World

Meredith gets upset when Derek finds her mother's diary; Callie worr..

S5E3 - Here Comes The Flood

A plumbing leak becomes a deluge and wreaks havoc at Seattle Grace, ..

S5E2 - Dream a Little Dre..

Determined to reverse Seattle Grace's slide into mediocrity, the chi..

S5E1 - Dream a Little Dre..

Meredith and Derek find that "happily ever after" isn't as easy as t..